Automatic production line, who works in Unilight Polish packaging uses both aluminum and steel of different capacities. The machines are designed to handle containers of different diameters and different heights thereof. In the first stage, pre-prepared containers are exposed to the feed table, which smoothly moves them on the conveyor belt delivering containers to the module, where the administration of the valves and their clamping. Valves sorted and fed automatically through a special vibrating sorter infeed line connected to the crimper.
In the next stage of production, valve provided in an automatic manner are mounted on empty containers and immediately with sufficient force on them tight. At the same time, a specialized printer is placed on the bottom of the container production date and other data identifying a product.
Then move empty containers on the conveyor belt to secure the chamber, where the gas filling process. Three cooperating dispense aerating head after third gas dose expected. After filling the cans leave the chamber towards the automatic pump module specialized labels (eg stickers for blind people). This module also works automatically.
In the next step the container is provided with a cap and applicator. Their color is always selected according to the customer’s expectation.
In the next stage, so called containers pass. tightness test in a tub of water. This attempt to capture all the container leaks that may occur in the production process, and through this operation are eliminated defective products. Leak testing is required by but also confirms the superior quality of our products.
The last step is the packaging process. We use different packaging systems such as welded – box collecting, display – collective carton, blister – box collecting.